Compliance Management


Ensuring your organization complies with regulatory and legal reporting requirements is more important now than ever. Lack of accountability and transparency can result in strict penalties and fines which can significantly harm your brand image and be extremely costly.

Compliance Made Easy

Lionfish Cyber Tacklebox provides the tools necessary for any organization to easily meet its compliance needs. Our software helps many of our clients across the globe manage and maintain compliance with their unique regulatory and legal requirements.

Compliance Management Software Applications

  • Lionfish Cyber Tacklebox software applications work as stand-alone solutions or seamlessly integrate with each other to address your specific compliance needs. Key solutions include:
  • Document Control
  • Training Management
  • Audits Management

Obtain Real-Time Awareness 

  • Examine important statistics pertaining to your network, such as type, category, risk level, and approval status
  • Track open and closed cases by stage, status, red flag kinds, and more with case management and red flag dashboards

Risk Assessment, Management, and Remediation in a Single Program

  • Centralize third-party risk management, making it easier to scale up your program as your company grows.
  • Data from external parties may be safely and firmly combined. keep track of system-wide
  • Receive personalized notifications, reminders, and alerts


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