While it’s easy to imagine a black-hat hacker as a hoodie-clad loner coding away in a dark room, this is seldom the case. Many operate in groups or even as part of larger communities or networks, and they often use the same techniques, strategies, and tools to accomplish their ends. Hackers are coordinated and work within a broad and complex network. They often have salaries, set holidays, bonus payments and sales arrangements that include reseller portals and component rental. The only prerequisite for becoming a target is simply having a website, which puts all businesses with an online presence at risk. Fortunately, threat awareness and a proactive approach to security can go a long way in keeping your business secure.

Join Kelvin Murray, Webroot Senior Threat Researcher, to learn why hackers hack and the methods they use so you can predict incoming threats, combat attacks, and securely lock down your business.

Key takeaways:

• Understand the major motivations behind why hackers hack

• Learn the strategies, tricks, and tools that hackers use to breach a business and which matter most for different business types

• Find out how to keep your business safe from becoming a target

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