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Intelligent Threat Based Change Control

File Integrity Monitoring

System Configuration Vulnerability Management

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Real Time Breach Detection

Real-Time Policy Management

Threat Intelligence

Automated Response

Our security tools provide critical and fundamental cyber security prevention and detection. It does this by leveraging the required security best practice disciplines of system configuration and integrity assurance combined with the most comprehensive and intelligent change control solution available. Our team ensures your clients IT systems remain in a known, secure and compliant state at all times.

The security experts at Single Point of Contact help you meet these PCI DSS requirements with file integrity monitoring that's built into its unified platform for threat detection, response, and compliance management. Our security tools simplifies security and compliance with centralized visibility of your on-premise and cloud environments, including AWS and Azure, as well as cloud applications such as Office 365 and G Suite, helping to eliminate potentially dangerous blind spots.

Single Point of Contact enterprise security tools provide the most accurate information about all your clients assets and vulnerabilities in their ever-changing IT environment. Available as a cloud-delivered solution, our tools feature the broadest vulnerability coverage, intuitive dashboard visualizations for rapid analysis, and seamless integrations that help you maximize efficiency and increase effectiveness.

Our team of security experts can help your clients assess and identify areas of improvement in their security posture and work with you to fix their compliance shortfalls. In addition to monitoring and detection, this service includes vulnerability management, which is a major requirement to meet compliance standards. Our cybersecurity software can validate your clients compliance and controls to help maintain their compliance.

Single Point of Contact can provide you an enterprise SIEM solution, replace your legacy SIEM, or co-exist with your existing SIEM solution. Consolidate your log management, compliance, and security analytics tools into one. Thousands of enterprises rely on our Security Analytics for their day-to-day security operations.

Single Point of Contact monitors infrastructure for telltale signs of nefarious activity and prioritizes findings for investigation and remediation. With Single Point of Contact, your threat intelligence feeds are made actionable to correlate a comprehensive understanding of your clients enterprise’s active IP address space against known threats as new threat data becomes available, and as new endpoints connect to the network.

Single Point of Contacts Security Suite supports all major enterprise firewalls and next-generation firewalls (NGFW) as well as networking devices such as switches, routers and load-balancers. It also supports Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) and the leading cloud platforms. Single Point of Contact gives you the ability to control and manage the security policy across all of these platforms through a single pane of glass.

Not all TI is created equal. The benefits of good threat intelligence are numerous. Not only does TI help detect existing, evolving, and emerging threats, it also helps predict future threat sources and future attack types, and it empowers businesses to implement strong risk management policies.

Our enterprise security tools help stop cyberattacks and data breaches by automating and orchestrating the full incident lifecycle: escalation, identification, prioritization, remediation, and recovery. Automatically investigate alerts and remediate threats in seconds, not hours.

Single Point of Contact is the Preferred Security Partner to Many IT Service Firms and VARs Throughout the World.