Is Your Companies

Network Secure?

Our Security Team Monitors & Eliminates Threats Around-The-Clock.

We provide cutting-edge threat intelligence technologies,with security specialists on call around-the-clock to quickly analyze alerts.

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    SIEM Technology Aggregates & Analyzes Activity From Many Resources Across Your IT Infrastructure

    EDR Technology Protecting Your End-Points

    Security Certified US Based Team Mitigating Attacks 24-7

    24-7 Security & Compliances Monitring


    Compliance Reporting

    It may be challenging for businesses of any size to have the right technology and skills to accomplish compliance and please senior management. We make sure you are in compliance with PCI, HIPAA, NIST, and other requirements with the aid of our powerful reporting skills and capacity to entirely develop reports.

    24-7 SOC As A Service

    In order to ensure that there are few interruptions to your network, we employ a proactive model that monitors, patches, and remediates issues. Your IT budget will no longer be unpredictable because everything is done at a fixed cost.

    User Behavior


    The end user is one of the biggest threats to your network. We can quickly provide you the knowledge you need to make sensible decisions by identifying malicious or hacked users with the use of our User Behavior Analytics (UBA) technology.

    Multiple Threat Intelligence Feeds

    We use the most recent threat intelligence from a number of feeds to protect your network from the most recent attacks. Given that new threats are continually appearing,threat intelligence is vital for quickly and correctly identifying symptoms of compromise (IOCs).

    Threat Hunting and Containment

    In order to find threats that threat intelligence has not yet discovered on your network, our highly trained security analysts probe deeply into your infrastructure. On compromised devices, networking can even be disabled to prevent an attack from spreading.

    Endpoint Detection and Response

    Using lightweight agents on the endpoints of your choosing will enable our analysts to build a more comprehensive picture. This gives us the ability to do File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), provide context-sensitive responses, and much more.

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