Does Your IT Firm Provide Security/Compliance Monitoring & Remediation Around The Clock?

Eliminate security gaps with our White Label SOC service. Our platform includes an enterprise security stack and a certified security team. We scale at your pace with flexible packages, no minimums or long term contracts.

SIEM Technology Aggregates & Analyzes Activity From Many Resources Across Your IT Infrastructure.

Security Certifield US Board Team Miltigating Attacks 24-7

EDR Technology Protecting your End-Points

24-7 Security & Compliance Monitoring

    What is 3 + 8 ?

    Our team of certified security professionals are on alert 24-7. We guarantee to respond to notifiactions of a breach within minutes.

    We only implement enterprise tools by the leaders in the security space; SIEM, EDR, Log Collection and more.

    Our White Label SOC service comes at a fixed monthly fee. Regardless of amount of time to keep your clients’ network secure…its always the same cost.

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